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Happy birthday, Elfscribe!

Happy birthday! The flower wouldn't keep fresh all the way from here but let's imagine you can have it on your table and enjoy the perfume!

Warm hugs!


Happy Birthday Elfscribe!!!

Ok, so we all thought about Gondolin! ;)

Happy Birthday! All the best for the next year - with many wonderful stories!!!

no title


Happy holidays!

All the best to my LJ friends, who may be far in kilometres but always close to my heart!

¡Felices fiestas!


Happy Birthday Rhapsody!!!

I hope you are having the most wonderful day together with your beautiful family!


I wouldn't want to be in Maxima's shoes next Wednesday! ;)

*Tight hugs*


I love books!

As seen at Rhapsody's

You Are an Imaginative Thinker

You are a nonlinear thinker, and you're even surprised by the places your mind takes you.
You love to get lost in a story, whether it's your own or not. You love fantasy.

You are a positive and uplifting person. You inspire others to be better.
You are full of wonder and curiosity. You feel a strong connection to the world.

I don't think I'm too positive but I'm *very* curious! :D And I love fantasy!

Right from Himring, best wishes for a great year!


Happy birthday, Russandol!

cumple Russandol

May this new year be all you hope.
Warm hugs


Happy Birthday Rhapsody!!!

May the next year be full of blue skies!

Tight hugs (and big smooches for the pretty babies!)



¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

funny pictures - Birthday Shopping for Cats is the Easiest!
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I hope you are having a great day!


Happy birthday, Oshun!!!

I hope you had the most thriilling of days and that the theater was as enjoyable as you expected!

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